IMG 20130331 165431

The northern exit / entry point of the flyover .

IMG 20130331 165344

The Santacruz Station Road Junction .

The Abdul Kalam Azad Flyover , commonly known as Vakola Flyover , is a flyover on the Western Express Highway in Santacruz . It helps motorists to skip two traffic signals on the busy junctions below the flyover . This flyover consists of six lanes . 


Santacruz Station Road JunctionEdit

This road connects the Santacruz station to the Western Express Highway . Buses use this route to reach Santacruz Station . As a result this is a very important junction on the Western Express Highway . This junction gets crowded during the peak hours .

Santacruz - Chembur Link Road JunctionEdit

Santacruz - Chembur Link Road is a very important road in Mumbai which provides East West connectivity from Santacruz to Chembur and from Western Express Highway to Eastern Express Highway . Hence , this junction is busy throughout the day .

Santacruz [E] SkywalkEdit

IMG 20130331 165238

The Eastern end of the skywalk with the flyover in the background .

The Santacruz East skywalk is an elevated walkway that connects Western Express Highway to the Santacruz Railway Station . The skywalk begins near the flyover and has four entry / exit points near the flyover . The skywalk begins from the eastern end of the flyover and travels below the flyover to reach the western end of the flyover .

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