Khar is a suburb of Mumbai, north of Bandra and south of Santa Cruz . For the suburb's corresponding railway station see Khar Road.

The suburb of Khar also has the fishermen folk area ("danda"), also known as Khar Danda . Khar is also home to Linking Road, famous for its street shopping.


The word 'Khar' comes from Marathi word khara which means salty, as most of the Khar, Bandra area was nothing but marsh lands of Salty sea water.

Khar(East) still is a little crowded and undeveloped but today, Khar(West) is one of the most royal and high rated area in Mumbai . The new constructions are not less than 3 bhk houses.

Pathare Prabhus were one of the earliest inhabitants of Khar. The Pathare Prabhu community lived in South Mumbai & resided in their bunglows in Khar during weekends. The community still has control over a large area in Khar.

Khar today, is also a home to many Bollywood celebrities and business industrialists. Aamir Khan & Ashutosh Gowarikar live at Khar(West) - Pali Hill.

Khar(West) is a very peaceful area and just evergreen throughout the year.







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Religious PlacesEdit

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