Kurla is a railway station on the Central and Harbour lines of the Mumbai Suburban Railway network. Eight Platforms for suburban local railway, of which 1, 1a, 2, 3 and 4 serves for 'slow' Central Railway Up and Down locals. 5 and 6 for 'fast' Central Railway Up and Down local. 7 and 8 for Harbour Railway Up and Down.

Elevated PlatformsEdit

Central Railway (CR) is planning to elevate both the Harbour Line platforms to make way for the proposed fifth and sixth railway line between Kurla and Parel on the Central Line. Platforms 7 and 8 will be elevated 8-9m above ground level. An elevated deck, with a ticket booking counter, will be attached to the platforms. The elevated platforms will be connected to Harbour Line by a 1.5km elevated rail line between Chunabhati and Tilak Nagar , similar to the one between Sandhurst Road and Cotton Green stations.

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