Tilak Bridge is a Rail-over-bridge (ROB) for vehicular movement over Western and Central Railway tracks in Dadar


The Tilak Bridge is an East-West Bridge connecting Dadar West and Dadar East . Tilak Bridge ferries vehicles between Dadar TT Flyover on Eastern side and Veer Kotwal Udyan on Western side .

This is an important route for buses and other motorists for travelling from the Western Suburbs to the Central Suburbs and vice-versa


Tilak Bridge provides a crucial connectivity between Dadar West and Dadar East . Dadar , being an important transit interchange , gets crowded beyond its limit . Thus , The Tilak Bridge has substantially reduced vehicular traffic on the other roads in Dadar by provifing East - West connectivity . A number of buses run along this bridge , including A.C. Buses .

While travelling on this bridge , one can see jam-packed Dadar Railway Station below .

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